Custom Radio To Go Services

Custom Radio To Go provides broadcast services for small and medium market radio stations on a tight budget.

Tracking, Music, Programming, Production Services and more.

Custom Radio To Go Overview


Custom Radio To Go has one mission. To make your radio station sound relevant, local and timely for a fraction of the cost of a full time staff. We can and do handle everything from voicetracking a solitary shift that needs life, to fully staffing a station, handling a full load of production, and scheduling your music. Jave Patterson in Reno and JJ Michaels in Honolulu have over 40 years of broadcast experience to keep any station and any format at the top of its game. And at the bottom of your budget. Call or email today to find out how easy it is to sound better and save money!


call: (808)228-8206.



Using secure broadband and ftp delivery systems, Custom Radio gets your tracks on the air on time every day, with no interaction from you. Our seamless tracking and programming gives you more time to go out and make money! We turn around spec spots in minutes to help you close a deal. We can get that banner ad on your website before you can hit refresh. Custom Radio To Go keeps you on top of the local game.


call: (808)228-8206.



Custom Radio To Go’s unique mix of talent and technology, a keen sense of the importance of local radio, and the experience that has taught them what radio is really all about has developed a tturnkey solution to the problem of non-local radio. We make your station nearly live, virtually local, and almost free! Our tracking is created just before airtime, we learn every local market, and you eliminate all the extra expenses that go along with full time employees. Give us the opportunity to help you create a local driven money making machine we will figure out a way to get it done.


call: (808)228-8206.


Solutions Overview

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